Prompt 11: “That’s no storm.”

Intro: So I’m trying to do more writing my goal is to do writing at least a couple times a week to put on this blog. I joined a writing group (Words After Dark) recently after a convention where I met a couple of their members, most of these prompts will come from that group.

Prompt: “That’s no storm.”

Bonus Prompt: “I’ll take that as a compliment.”

Jaedon’s Mission

He stood there waiting. Jaedon was not accustomed to waiting at the front door of a castle. He shifted slightly in his military uniform, but his short brown hair was unaffected. Casually, he ran a hand through his hair just to make sure it was all still in the right place. Usually, a butler or servant or someone would have opened the door by now. The door was opened by a woman with long golden blonde hair and a blue robe with various silver insignia. She was large and intimidating. It was not what Jadeon expected. He reacted as quickly as he could and bowed deeply. “Your majesty.”

The Queen of Venus did not enjoy formality from people she liked. “Please, Jaedon, stop that.”

“Yes, ma’am.” He quickly righted himself.

“Stop that too.” She glared at him, clearly intent on getting her message across, as she waved him in.

Jadeon smirked slightly, “I’ll take that as a compliment.” They walked side by side through the ornate entryway. Even though it was meant to look like a medieval castle it was clearly modern. It had ornate wood artwork on top of stone construction. However, it was warm and inviting though rich tapestries and carpeting. There was a large staircase up through the middle of the entryway. They walked past the staircase underneath the level above to reach a hallway. That’s when the silence was broken.

“Where is everyone? I’m used to you being surrounded by servants, courtiers, and politicians.” The castle, as inviting as it was seemed very empty.

“I told them to get the hell out of my home because my daughter was abducted. Most of them listened.” She stopped abruptly and stared at Jaedon. They turned toward each other and a smile slipped across her face as she reached past him, their faces drawing very close, and pressed her hand on the wall.

The wall behind Jaedon made a loud clank sound and began to roll up into the ceiling. Behind the false stone wall was a recessed silver hallway. Together they took a couple of steps down into the hallway. “Jeez, I thought you were going to kiss me.”

The Queen scoffed at him, “You wish.” She continued to talk as they walked down a much less inviting but much more modern hallway. “I have something I need you to do.” Their steps made an echoing noise as they walked. “You know that our government is trying to free my daughter. In many ways, I don’t trust them. I want you to go undercover to Terra Firma’s prison on Saturn’s moon Tethys and free her.” They were passing lights every couple of hundred feet down the hall and she waited so that her face had a dramatic shadow before she stopped and said more. “However, it will not be easy. You will need two people, and I want you to free three people, not just one.”

“The whole moon is a prison complex.”

“I know. Let’s sit down.” She waved Jaedon down the hall and they continued walking in silence until they reached a set of metal doors. When Jaedon reached to open one for her he found out that they were exceptionally light. When he pulled the door it flung open quickly and ricocheted off the wall slamming with a loud thud.

“They’re aluminum. It’s an easy way to throw people off guard if it’s their first time here. They look heavy and the lack of weight surprises them.”

He laughed, “You’re tricky.”

“I’m a Queen, I have to be to survive. Additionally, I’m a Queen with no real power.” She opened the door for him this time. It opened to a small meeting room which only contained a small round table with four chairs. “This room isn’t for impressing people, it’s for the actual business. It’s also confidential sound can get in, but not out. Do you like it? It’s new.”

They sat across from each other. “Yeah, it’s a nice room, very um, you.” He didn’t quite know what to say to the casual question in the extremely formal setting. But he figured he got the right answer because she smiled broadly. He continued “Okay, so, how do you expect me to break 3 people out of a prison that is designed to keep people in by both: needing a spacecraft to get out alive and making them think they are living a normal life instead of being imprisoned?”

“You’ll be a history teacher.” Jaedon blinked a couple of times to make sure she saw the Queen of Venus had said that with a straight face and it wasn’t some weird joke. “We will give you a teaching degree, then we get you a job teaching at the school. You will smuggle in your protege Allestra. She will back you up however best you see fit.”

Jaedon sighed. Yet another unreasonable request from the Queen of Venus. “What if I can’t rescue them all? Who even am I rescuing besides your spoiled child?”

The Queen glared at him slightly. She shifted and leaned forward. “My daughter, who you call spoiled, as well as two boys.” She shifted again. “I am going to arrange for an official mission from our government which will sound very similar except that you are only watching over my daughter until we can arrange her release.”

Jaedon nodded, “Okay, who are the two boys?”

She continued carefully watching his face. “Samuel Knudsen is recently imprisoned. He is of interest to us because he was imprisoned for undergoing female to male sexual reassignment surgery. His ancestors helped us build the ship that we were able to use to escape from Earth. He may be a strong mechanical and physical force to help us create some technology to win this war. Their government hasn’t noticed his value and this is a perfect way to recruit him.” Jaedon shifted uncomfortably.

She coughed and kept going, “Timothy Li has been imprisoned most of his life. His parents were training him in energy manipulation and magic. The whole family was arrested when he lost control of a ball of fire as a child. The incident injured his mother and destroyed their home. He and his father have been imprisoned since in separate sections of the prison. It is clear he has a gift, they haven’t noticed his potential either but we have. His mother died due to injuries sustained in the incident.”

There was a rumbling from outside the room. “Is that thunder?”

“That’s no storm.” She stood up quickly and turned toward the door. As the rumbling got louder it became clear they were quick footsteps. The door flung open, and subsequently slammed shut. She knew who it was, there was only one person except her who had access down here at this point. “What do you want Senator Le’Rue?”

The door opened again and a man wearing a fancy business suit with black hair stood in the doorway. “I want to know why you brought a special ops member of the military down to this secret room for a private conversation.”

“I am briefing him on the mission he is about to be assigned since it is regarding my daughter I have a personal interest.”

“That mission has not yet been approved by the Senate, and who said he would be assigned?” He moved closer to her.

She moved slightly closer to him and stood as tall and as intimidating as she could. “I am your queen. The damsel in distress is my daughter. There is no way the Senate won’t approve the mission. Jaedon is our best special operations agent. There is no way he won’t be assigned.”

Le’Rue scoffed. “Please, you have no real power you’re a figurehead for the public. Down here the fact that you’re a queen means nothing. It means even less that she’s a princess.”

The Queen of Venus raised her hand as if waving at Le’Rue and muttered something under her breath. A symbol on the back of her robe lit up in a green hue and Le’Rue was knocked to the ground as if a massive uppercut hit him in the jaw. “Just like you put on a show for the public by respecting me. So do I. The Senate doesn’t operate down here, it operates up there. Stay there and think about what you’ve done.” She turned back to Jaedon, “He won’t be able to move for a couple of hours. Let’s go find somewhere private because this room clearly isn’t it.”

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