Making the Decision; A Year Goes by Quickly.

A year ago, yesterday, and today I made one of the hardest decisions I made in my life. (It was a decision I came to overnight)

After one of the biggest collapses of my life, I made the impossible happen. I decided I would transition and the process that would change my gender, and life forever.

In retrospect, greatly effecting your life in positive ways is only a couple of steps I will detail those for you now.

1. Without the influence of emotion, hormones, or external parties come to a decision in regards to what you wish to change. (This is, of course, impossible)

2. Inform those around you of the decision and receive blanket acceptance. (This is, of course, impossible)

3. Chart a course though this decision and see an end result. It is not abnormal to see an end result without seeing the full path to it, just chart as far forward as possible. (This is, of course, impossible)

4. Begin on that path with resolve and confidence. If you doubt yourself others will doubt you as well. (This is, of course, impossible)

5. If people try to knock you off that path, decide if they need to remain in your life and require more convincing or if they are no longer needed. (This is, of course, impossible)

6. See this path though to conclusion. (This is, of course, impossible)

I’m still battling with 5 & 6.

But now. I’m going to Milliways (The Restaurant at the End of the Universe) for lunch. The link is an excerpt from the radio series of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams.


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