Dreams: An Unfiltered Look Into the Mind

Dreams are an area of life filled with interpretation. Two people will have the same dream and come to completely different conclusions. Since you cannot speak with yourself or really have a conscious internal monologue, you cannot get specifics as to what you thought or what you meant. However, because of that your mind is giving a gift. When dreams occur, it is a chance for the mind unfiltered by anything to express what it fully means. Your mind does not need to rationalize its feelings. Your mind does not have to work or live in the confines of society. Dreams are, to me, one of the greatest blessings of the human mind. Although at first when I was having them regularly, they plagued me because of some very disturbing images.

Dreams can tell you things that you never imagined, but that you need to hear. Dreams, good and bad, can give you scary images. Dreams, good and bad, can give you happy images. You can wake up in terror, in sadness, in happiness, in joy. Dreams can be vibrant or pale and muted. Some people, like myself usually remember dreams. Others have trouble remembering dreams. Dreams run the gambit of human experience. Dreams run the whole range of human life without actually living it.

In my case, through the course of my life, I have usually have very vibrant dreams that I remembered well. At least once a week I would have a dream that was clearly trying to tell me something. However, that abruptly stopped last March. For some reason I could not remember my dreams anymore. I did not doubt that I was still having them but I would wake up with no memory of having dreams. I believe that everyone always has dreams, even if they do not remember them. I also do not believe that remembering them is as random as waking up at the right time. I used to keep a dream journal when I was younger but I stopped in the late 2000s. I used the dream journal to establish patterns between life and dreams, to create the analyses you will hear here.

Interpreting dreams is a struggle. From what I can tell, no two minds will use exactly the same methods and images to say the same things. In this post I will tell you about dreams I have had had how I am learned to interpret the way my mind communicates things subconsciously. There is psychological research and conclusions about how most people communicate though dreams, some of those apply to me and I have noticed some of them have not. I have had dream themes and patterns that have occurred regularly to tell me things.

First, I want to tell you about some of the dreams types I have in my life had as recurring dreams. While the content of these dreams change there are common themes or sections Of course, I thought they all ceased recurring last March… I have found these dream types to have trends in my life and occur as recurrent themes when needed. Then my plan is to talk about the sleep I got overnight tonight and the dream that I had.


Most of my dreams have third and first person components. In my first person component will usually be in a static location and viewing (somehow) the third person component of the dream. The first person component may be doing something active while viewing the third person component or may just be passively watching the third person component. The third person component may, or may not contain me. The most recent emotion or feeling of the first person component will sometimes transfer to my awake state. No emotions from the third person component have ever transferred to my awake state.

Dreams that result in my death or my struggle being close to death do occur from time to time. If I die in the first person component of the dream, I will usually instantly wake up upon dying in a dream, but never have trouble getting back to sleep. In addition, it will never be fearful, just factual death. A death in the third person component will not awaken me. A dream about death indicates that extreme change of some kind is required. The nature of the dream, what was going on at the time of the worst struggle or death, the type of death/dying, and if the death was in the first or third all play indicating rolls in what that change needs to be. However, I find dreams where I am dying to be the most helpful to me.

One of my most common recurrent dream themes is floating relaxed in a pool of water. At the beginning floating is nearly effortless. I have no need to tread water. Usually I will see another dream in the sky kind of like a dream inside a dream. While the first person perspective is in the pool, the sky dream is a third person perspective and is usually related to a project I am working on or a struggle in progress. The dreams are usually about progress and different land marks in that project or struggle. This dream has a tendency to highlight stressful things by making it harder and harder to float. Including forcing me to tread water. It also highlights things that were easier than expected or that I do not expect a lot of stress with by making it easier to float. In the worst cases, it has become a drowning/drowned dream. Most of these dreams are usually mundane and informational. No real panic ever happens with these dreams. Usually they are quite happy and relaxing. A death dream of this type generally means that I need to detach from whatever this scenario is a little bit and reassess the process occurring.

Dreams where the first person is about flying have also been quite common although it indicates the situation has been resolved. The situation in question is in third person. If I am flying without a plane, the situation has been resolved outright. If I am flying inside a plane, it means the situation itself continues but my component of it has been resolved. While working in my most recent desktop support job at the High School I had many of these types of dreams after situations were resolved or my component ended. How stable the flight is indicates how well I feel the situation was resolved. Death or crash dreams of this type tend to indicate that I will feel regret or remorse for my actions during the situation.

I have a series of dreams I like to call the mundane end of the world. This type of dream usually has a third person component that relates to the news in some way either watching the news on TV or periodic newspapers. The general idea is a decision or problem during the course of the dream will relate (somehow) to a decision or problem that is in my future. In dreams of this time the decision or problem in question, which is sometimes very hard to identify, will start a chain of events that will bring about end of the world. The most likely ‘end of the world’ is thermonuclear war or accident. However, many other ‘end of the world’ types exist in this type of dream. Wherever I happen to be is usually one of the last places destroyed in this end of the world so that it is clear that it is not just an ordinary death dream. These dreams usually are warnings to change my actions or decision-making in regards to whatever decision or problem is in the dream.

The dreams in which I die in the end are the most informative and helpful dreams I have.

My sleep last night was amazing. I am finally starting to sleep better again. The abnormal thing is that I slept on my back. I very rarely do that. Here are some details about my sleep. It was short but amazingly productive. I noticed the thing that keeps stats is not 100% accurate. I did not actually wake up until right about 8:00. I am not sure why my Band thought I woke up at 7:30. It is quite possible in the last section of my dream my body became restless and started moving and the accelerometer fed data that I was awake. Another thing that is interesting to note is the spike in heart rate just before 8:00 when I woke up. That would have been around the end of the dream. Last stat note: It is the first time I have an “efficiency” rating above 90% in at least a month.

Summary HR Chart Details

I am not going to analyze last night’s dream. I do not really intend to right now. I am just going to write what happened in the dream. You are welcome to take my notes about dreams, although I have only posted about 10% of the common themes etc., these are just the most common.

For Reference, here is a video of the type of game play I am referencing in the next section. Please skip around in the video to see different sections.

Last Night’s Dream

It began flying, in a plane while playing a video game. The flight was safe, flat, and level. The plane was the size of a medium to large passenger jet. I was the only person inside it. There were also no pilots; the plane was flying itself. The plane also had no seats. The game was a Legend of Zelda like action adventure and puzzle game. I could not determine who or what the main character was other than humanoid and gendered. The main puzzles with regard to the game play were in regards which way to go within a maze. However, there were certain sections that were only solvable or accessible when the main character was certain gender. The character in the game could swap genders by using a certain item. Various decisions I made playing the game had various effects. All the time the plane was flying safely around and above Chicago. The boss fight and some of the more notable enemies were political figures of Chicago/Illinois/USA. After I had finished the game, I decided to watch the news it was talking about tensions between China and USA. My phone rang and I decided to answer it. As I was talking on the phone, my phone rang again, and I decided to answer that call, when I did, war the US declared war on China. Each time the phone rang and I answered it, which happened the war got worse. I do not remember anything about the phone calls other than I was reassuring people that my decision-making was correct in regards to various things during the course of my life, although no specific topic made itself known. Each person I spoke with was someone I knew. However, I could not identify any of the people. At this point, the plane was still flying well. Eventually the news reported on the war again. China and the US had both started nuking each other and other parts of the world. I turned off my phone and just watched the news. At some point, I looked out the window and saw military planes and missiles in and around Chicago. In the dream my I was getting more tense and the plane was no longer flying as well. I attempted to fly it myself but could not. That is when I looked back out the window to see a nuke fall on Chicago. The last thing I saw before waking up was the mushroom cloud. I woke up with a high heart rate, but not fearful. I felt emotionally calm even though my heart rate was quite high.

I feel like the surface analysis is obvious. However, there is something underneath the surface of this dream and will require further analysis. I may put up further details about my dreams or more details about this one as I come to analyze it. What is the point of this post then?

The point of this post is to say that dreams are a beautiful thing. Dreams are an unfiltered analysis of your mind and current state and situations around you. Do not ignore or deny your dreams. Love your dreams do not fear them. Your subconscious is trying to tell you something. Any dream, even the scariest, or the happiest can tell you that key piece of information you need to make an informed choice.

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