The Story of a Female Eagle Scout

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  1. I love the reflection on this and the confidence you show in yourself.

  2. Donna Joanne says:

    Dear Jo,
    You are not alone. I too am a Female Eagle Scout and a Vigil Honor Member of the Order of the Arrow. I received my Eagle in 1976, and have completed 5 years of HRT and just finished TOTALLY transitioning legally to female this week. I too have struggled with how the BSA will react when I contact them to correct my name in the records. To the best of my knowledge, no one has ever had their Eagle “revoked”, so we could well be the first. Please keep be informed on how you are and your progress in transitioning and the BSA. Just wanted you to know you are not alone.
    Yours in Scouting

  3. I am the same deal here! Im just a few years older than you (35), I earned my Eagle Scout, with triple crossed palms back in 1997, my OA Vigil honor the next year, and I just re-registered with my local council (Chester County Council) and lodge (Octarara 22) here in Pennsylvania. Yes, the looks I got from adults who the Arrow of Light and Eagle award knots were weird, but also let me educate them. It was fun meeting other women adult leaders, teaching the boys during fellowship weekend about cooking in the outdoors and even once again saluting the flag before dinner.

    I saw if you want to go for it, get back into it! I’m a member at large in my council so I don’t have a troop, but so far, it’s been great, people have been welcoming and I couldn’t be happier to be part of the organization that helped make me the woman I am today!

  4. Sage says:

    I didn’t know there were other girls out there that are Eagle Scouts. I am still pre transition, and I have done 3 SPL terms in my troop and I am currently a Life Scout working on Eagle. This really helps me feel better, because I was really beginning to hate BSA as it made me dysphoric to be there.

    • Josie says:


      Many of us are out there. When I reached out, I found more and more Eagles like myself. I want to gather us all together or as many as I can get for some kind of meeting up or convention or something. I always have many plans, some happen some don’t.

      Good luck on your Eagle. Get it, it’s worth it. Then become yourself. 🙂 I personally didn’t know about myself until later in life, when I was working on my eagle I just thought I was gay. As many of us have, I did the three ‘come out’ life… first as bi, then gay, then trans. Once you’ve earned your Eagle, nothing can take that away from your soul. In fact, as a Life Scout, you know… it’s already there. 🙂

      I haven’t talked to anyone from my troop since I started transitioning, in fact my troop no longer exists. My troop disbanded only 4 years after I made Eagle. We always had trouble with recruitment. We were one of three drum and bugle corps left in the country. Now, I bet there are only two. 🙁

      I have yet to reach out to the BSA but I do intend to this summer since my name has now changed, I want to get Scout documentation under the proper name. I would like to get active in the BSA again as a female Eagle Scout. I will always love the skills the BSA and scouting have granted me. I just hope the administration of the BSA will embrace me like I wish to embrace the BSA… We shall see in the summer. I’ll probably write about it.

      Best to you. <3
      Good Luck, Please keep in touch,

  5. Eagle Scout Class of 1999; Certificate hangs on my wall to this day; am I glad I got it

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